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At Afrotility we believe in having fun with our hair. A fantastic hairstyle is capabable of putting a spring in your step. Problems arise though, when the hair is unhealthy, breaking, too thick (trust me its a problem for some people), not thick enough, patchy, receeding, 'untameable', multi-textured, too dry, thinning, and a host of other frustrating complaints that take the fun out of curly hair.


At Afrotility we merge our knowledge of Hairdressing with our training in Trichology to bring you a fuss-free guide to understanding, looking after and enjoying your curls. We do not use hair typing as we know from experience that most curly-haired individuals have more than one texture on their heads. Some mixed-hair lovelies have a combination of tight curls and straight hair leading to a veru unique set of curls. We believe the best hair type is Healthy Loved Hair. We have learned to accept and love our curls and continue to update and upgrade our knowledge of culy hair in order to ensure that straight-forward uncomplicated knowledge and understanding is what we bring to our clients. We are all too aware of the issues that need to change within the Afro Hair Industry (we do listen to our clients) and this is why we believe in empowering our clients so they can take charge of their hair styling.

Taking you from frustration to your Hair Happiness Ever After. Where you rock your curls with nothing but love and confidence.

Our History


Our journey began with transitioning from relaxed to natural hair in 2010 in order to set a positive example of self-acceptance to our young curly lovelies. Its sad for a curly-haired child to feel they need straight hair to look preety. So out the relaxer went and in came the somewhat complex hair regimens courtesy of youtube that while useful were simply too time-consuming. After failing to find a hairstylist willing to properly get trained in Natural hair management our chief Stylist enrolled for training with The Habia approved World of Braiding and Extrensions in Southend-on-Sea in 2014. This began an amazing journey into the world of curls and the realisation that so little about this hair type is taught on regular Hairdressing courses. This course and the Tutor ignited a passion for understanding curly hair and passing that knowledge on to others. Our chief stylist then enrolled on a trichology course in 2017 to gain a deeper understanding of scalp and hair functions and disorders. This allows us to be able to correctly support clients with traction alopeicia, hair loss and other scalp disorders. We invite you to be a part of our desire to ensure curly-haired lovelies have a Healthy attitude towards their hair and enjoy it too. We have walked the path of confusion, frustration and everything in between so we take a loving but firm approach to get each client to their 'Happy Hair-Loving Ever After'


Find Your Style


Curly hair is so versatile and can be worn in loads of different style. We will assist you in becoming confident with choosing styles that will support your hair goals.

Box Braids, Cornrow extensions and wigs are some popular styles used by natural lovelies as 'protective styles' . They can assist in achieving longer length, or just as a break from regular styling and having a low maintanance hair-do. While they have pro's these styles definitely have some cons based on the state of your hair's health, your lifestyle, technique used and maintanance habits.

Based on an analysis of your hair we lovingly but firmly guide you to the point where you appreciate your own hair enough to allow it to dictate your styling choices. Working with, rather than against your hair leads to a more enjoyable hair journey with easy to recognise results that boost your love for your true hair. It's bliss when you understand the voice of your hair.We are here to get you to that hair bliss

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Bespoke hair training empowering you to love and enjoy your curls.

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