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We love what we do at Afrotility and we pour ourselves into serving our clients. We work patiently but firmly with them and we are so chuffed that this is what some of our clients have to say about the results they have achieved with us!

I can definitely see how the quality of my hair has improved from our consultations!


More than anything, your advice had helped me develop a healthy attitude towards my hair.

My hair is so much healthier and happier. Knowing exactly what my hair needs means I save on the cost and frustration of trying out hair products that just will not work with my hair texture.


As important as my hair being healthy is, I return again to my first statement. As a natural hair "community", we are still at the initial stages of learning to develop good attitudes to our hair. We compare it to others, using a coding system which inadvertently segregate our hair types and textures. You taught me very early on not to subscribe to the ABC defining process.


You helped me see that just because someone's curl pattern resembles mine does not mean we will achieve the same results when using the same techniques.


At times with resistance, you made me realise that my hair may not achieve a style in the way I want; some styles would force me to choose between the look or the long term health of my hair.


Most importantly you helped me to see that healthy is NOT dependent on length! As a result, what I want for my hair has changed. I'm enjoying my hair more. I'm not as fixated on it; it will do what it wants to do and as long as it's healthy, I have very little so worry about.


You've helped me learn to love my hair. I notice this most when I talk to other "naturalistas", many of whom are not genuinely happy and content with their hair. Being natural is not necessarily more expensive or more time consuming; I spend the same amount of time and money on my natural hair as I didn't relaxed. Natural hair does, however, require much more patience. You've patiently worked with me to love my hair and, in turn, you have helped me develop the patience needed to truly love my hair. ( AB London)



OMG for the first time in my life, my hair is not knotted after taking the braids out. I simply followed your advice to hydrate my braids daily. Girl, you know your stuff. All your effort has been more than worth it if people will just listen and

obey simple instructions like me😜😜😜😜😜😜.Well done (AS London )


I have more control!

I have benefited from the advice you have given me. I feel like I have a bit more control over my hair than before. It seems to be thicker, and I'm now able to go out in public showing my natural hair, so thanks for that. (RA London)



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