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Healthy hair is easier to manage, style and ultimately enjoy. We are here to serve individuals, Mums, Daughters and sons who need to cut through the confusion of dealing curly textured hair and reach what we call our "Hair Happy Ever After". That's the place where you have Healthy hair with a Healthy Attitude enabling you to experience Happy Hair Loving!


Curly Hair Experts


We love curly textured hair for its versatility when it comes to styling. However this is possibly the most vulnerable hairtype because of the fragility created by each coil, twist and bend. At Afrotility we are passionate about empowering individuals with textured hair with the knowledge to avoid the issues they face when it comes to styling and managing this hair type. Dryness, Breakage Traction Alopeicia, hairline damage and lack of growth are the complaints we hear most. Our service is tailor-made to suit your individual requirements and to fit in with your lifestyle. Enjoy swimming, working-out, and ordinary activities without worrying about your curls. we will work with you to find the best solutions for you and the life you lead.


Gain an understanding of how styling choices you make today affect the quality of hair you have. Hair damage happens slowly so take action now to safeguard your curls.


Our Parent Consultations cover the appropriate language to use with children and how to make hair day quicker and less stressful for you both











Our Mission

  • To instill in our clients, a healthy attitude towards their hair.
  • To empower each client with knowledge that enables them to love their hair.
  • To stop clients paying for hair damage through an understanding of how popular styles affect their particular hair.


Whether you are transitioning ,have had the big chop or need big hair advice, we've been through it all so we can help you fix your fro frustrations.


We give you the skills to make hair day enjoyable at home and also what to expect from stylists.


Be it Braids, Twists, Weaves and anything that involves adding fibres to your hair, be aware of the pitfalls that lead to hair loss and breakage


This class teaches you to appreciate YOUR hair for what it is not what you may think it should be.

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Bespoke hair training empowering you to love and enjoy your curls.

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