Grown Lovelies

Your hair changes after our bodies stop growing. We help you understand what your hair is saying so you don't become frustrated and get hair damage.

Mixed Lovelies

Multi-cultural lovelies have to contend with multi-textured hair. We will help you connect with what your hair really needs so you can enjoy your hair


At Afrotility


We offer a comprehensive consultation package that includes

Identifying and reviewing your current styling practices, haircare routine, diet and lifestyle. This will help to establish a personalised sustainable haircare action plan that will help you achieve your hairgoals.


You will gain an understanding of Afro hair characteristics, growth cycles, care challenges, pitfalls to avoid and product interactions. We tailor each package to your requirements and require you to be totally honest about your biggest hair struggles and frustrations. This way we can serve you for the best possible outcome.





One of the sessions will be an in-depth assessment of your hair, following which you will receive a diagnosis and the action plan which we recommend you follow.

We also discuss the role of diet and lifestyle in acheiving manageable hair, shampooing and conditioning, maintanance and styling and instruction on styling your hair into simple styles.

We also discuss homemade hair butters and deep conditioning treatments, perceptions of afro hair and dealing with the opinions of others regarding the language used to describe our curls.

Mature lovelies

Hormonal changes and years of styling adventures take their toll leading to hair drama that we will guide you through. We also advise on hair colouring options.

We are Curlsperts

From teeny tiny coils all the way through to loose waves, we adore and celebrate curls. We are all too aware that there is no one magic-cure to curl management. Your hair is as individual as you are, that is why our service is tailored to you, your hair and lifestyle. The consultations can be held over the phone, online or at our premises

Care for your hair


Whether you will be doing your own hair or going to a stylist we instill in you an understanding of how to properly look after your hair and how to protect it from negative styling practices. We teach you to protect yourself from paying for hair damage.

Braiding Class


Braids are a popular styling choice and allow for a variety of different ways to express our personality, yet poor technique and braiding practices cause traction alopeicia , hairline damage and patchy hair. We give you the tools to protect your hair from such damage regardless of who will be doing your hair. We believe that only You can prevent your becoming damaged, so we equip you with tools to protect your hair and your confidence.

Products for your hair

After analysis of your hair we advise on the best products for your particular needs. Recovering hair does not need the same treatment as healthy hair, so we remove the frustration surrounding choosing hair products that support your goals. Hair products need not cost the earth or be numerous. Less is definitely more.

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Bespoke hair training empowering you to love and enjoy your curls.

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